Patrice's Story Behind the Invisible String Jewelry

As we all know deep inside, The Invisible String is not simply a children’s story, it is REAL, realer than anything else on this whole planet. This I know, this is why I wrote the book over two decades ago, and why the message continues to resonate with children and adults alike.

Little did I know back then that it would bring so much healing around the world. I just wrote it, because the knowing of The Invisible String comforted my then, tiny son from his sadness and anxiety, as a result of me being gone all day as a single working mom. I just told him what had always been obvious to me, that we were connected by an Invisible String that was made out of love. Once I saw the reaction he had (and then other children that begged to hear the story), I knew that I had to share this truth. 

Nothing is stronger than Love, not time or space, not anger or even death.

Now a little magical back-story about how you and I have come together:

Twenty years ago I visited the magical island of Bali on a holiday by myself (a long-awaited dream). On my last morning there, while sitting on the sands of Sanur Beach, outside of my hotel, I was crying because I knew that I might never be back there again, (being as it was the other side of the world from where I was living in California), but I had fallen so in love with this wondrous place, that I wanted to leave a piece of myself here. I so wanted that a part of me would always remain on “her” shores. 

Impulsively and struck by the moment, I took off a beloved bracelet that I wore all the time and buried it in the sands, as "an offering to Bali" for blowing my heart and mind wider open than ever before.

Fast-forward to a year or so ago, when I received an email one day out of the blue from Nea at Jewelry Evolution8 (the amazing designer extraordinaire) who creates jewelry that is infused with LOVE, telling me that she loved The Invisible String and could we please make some bracelets together, inspired by my book. Oh yeah, and that she does all this wonderfulness in BALI!

It took a couple of days before the kismet of all this hit me. My Invisible String to Bali was indeed real and now tugging me back to create (of all things!) bracelets to remind folk (just like you!) about your connections to those that you love.

Ever since THE INVISIBLE STRING was published, readers have longed for bracelets to give to those that they love, something that would remind them always, of their FOREVER connection through The Invisible String.

And now, from our beloved artisans in Bali, here they are. It is my greatest blessing to offer them to you and to those that you love. You cannot make this stuff up and I haven't. The universe really is that magical and sometimes, it is shown to us in remarkable ways.

As you wear your bracelet, may your every breath be filled up with the sweet knowledge that your connections transcend time and space. And that you are loved beyond measure.

What a wonder it is that you and me and Bali and those that you love are now all connected by our INVISIBLE STRINGS, all woven together in OUR INVISIBLE WEB of love…. and love really is… forever.



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